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The use of Point of Care (PoCT) in Australia continues to grow, particularly in the rural setting where timely access to pathology services is not available.  Combined with a wide geographical area it makes training and certification of PoCT operators an expensive exercise both in financial and resources terms. APPN is an innovative solution to train, certify and support PoCT operators. APPN is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Survey of Cardiac Troponin Testing

The AACB are conducting a survey to determine the current status of laboratory and clinical practices for troponin testing, reporting and interpretation​

Click here to access the survey 


This set of learning modules provide common learning references for professionals to acquire information and skills in...


Incorporating the CPD records, this section lists all available modules and competency tests for users.
The competencies include...



Ensuring all products and services meet a specific level of quality...


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